Barnacles take over the studio in handmade bowls and jewelry

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turquoise pattern enamelware bowl and silver sea star ring inspired by sea creatures and barnacles

I’ve got barnacles on the brain! I had finished this shallow enamelware bowl shortly before my recent trip to the coast. So it’s fitting I break out the barnacle inspiration again.

For the Crevice Bloom Bowl, I was inspired by these barnacles I saw during a boat trip through the San Juan Islands a few years ago. My focus in painting was to capture pattern, I took liberties with color to reflect a brighter sensation of the sea.

barnacles on coastal rock found while boating in the San Juan Islands in Washington state

turquoise and pink hand painted enamelware copper glass shallow bowl with detailed barnacle pattern

It was fun to great the barnacles I just saw at Shi Shi Beach while wearing my sea star ring. The ring was inspired by sea creature drawings by 19th century biologist, Ernst Haeckel, so it felt like I was taking the ring home to see family.

If you want to see more amazing views of the landscape and odd creatures from my trip to Shi Shi on the Olympic Peninsula, check out this and this.

Black silver sea star ring touching barnacles and mollusks on sea stack rock face at Shi Shi Beach on northern Washington coast

Get your own piece of the sea!

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