Cocktail rings and the pink drinks that go with them

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big flower power ring on thumb and glass of pink cocktail with mint

It’s Friday! So you know what that means…

Ha! ok, not always. I don’t actually drink that much these days. But if I hit vacation mode either out of town or with people visiting, I like to indulge!

My parents were recently in town so we went out to dinner twice and I had to try out a signature cocktail at both places. I didn’t set out to only drink things in shades of pink but I think moving forward that has to be a new theme. I don’t like very sweet drinks so I’m usually hesitant when it comes to colorful fluffy beverages. But these were both a win.

pink cocktail and hand wearing large black silver flower power ring

First up, we went to Ma’ Ono in West Seattle. where I had the Five-Seven-Five. And it was Yum! A blend of vodka, pomegranate, lime, mint, and ginger.

That night I was wearing my Sea Flower power ring. Between that and the drink I felt the power! Not to mention pleased enjoyment of the evening in general.

bitter pink cocktail with black silver scallop circle ring on middle finger

Another night we went to Shaker and Spear in downtown Seattle. There I tried the oddly named, Nathaniel Loves His Job made with gin, St Germain, Campari, lemon, and bitters. So delicious!

On this occasion I wore my scallop circle ring. I think the elegance of the drink, outing and ring paired perfectly.

pink gin cocktail with orange twist and black silver scallop circle ring on middle finger holding glass

I enjoyed these delightfully pink drinks so much I think I’ll need to come up with a non-boozy version to have at home. Otherwise, I’ll have to reminisce as I drink water while wearing my big flower power ring or scallop circle ring.

If rings aren’t your jam but you like the look, here you can find necklaces and earrings from the same Siren Collection.


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March 07, 2021

I love these cocktail descriptions and those perfectly paired rings! Also, I can get behind the pink drink theme in a heartbeat. Can we become the “pink drink posse”???

Catherine Grisez

March 07, 2021

Yes! Pink drink posse to the rescue…

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