Make your friends think you're a foodie even if you're not (with beautiful handmade bowls).

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My brother once remarked “food tastes better when it looks like art!”.

I had made the vegetable side for our Christmas meal. I took zucchinis, cut them in 3” pieces and hollowed out the cores. Then I stuffed them with strips of colored bell peppers, tossed in olive oil and spices, and baked them in the oven. It took a little time but was otherwise very simple.

Artist made, small Bitty Bowls in a variety of colors like these Bitty Bowls are the perfect way to elevate your food presentation to look (and taste) like art. And with much less prep than my zucchini rolls.

Most people use them for everyday salt and pepper on the kitchen table. But you can let your imagination run with these!

Here are some creative ways to use little bowls to bring more joy to your kitchen.

Who’s throwing an ice cream party this summer? You’ll need little bowls for your sprinkle bar!


Entertaining? Condiments and snacks taste (and look!) better on your charcuterie or cheese board when placed in Bitty Bowls.

little condiment bowls-charcuterie_CG Sculpture Jewelry.jpg

Bring out all the spices! The food I make in my home is pretty simple. Chop up some veggies and cook them alongside a protein. Adding spice blends is how I mix up the flavors to get more interesting meals with the same few ingredients. Za’atar is a great blend you can even use as a table spice.

Channel your favorite cooking show! These bowls are great for having your spices prepped and ready to go ahead of time.

citrus spice bowl_foodie-cook_CG Sculpture Jewelry.jpg

Feeling French? This combo is surprisingly delicious. There’s even a New York Times article written about it. Put the butter and salt in Bitty Bowls to elevate this simple appetizer next time you have friends over for dinner.

radish butter enamelware bowl_CG Sculpture Jewelry.jpg

Bitty Bowls make breakfast extra special.

Your next brunch party, whether it’s for you alone, your family, or a group of friends is more fun when you put your waffle bar toppings in pretty handmade bowls. Personally, I’m not a fan of syrup. But even if you are, a little bowl of coconut, cinnamon/sugar, chocolate shavings or chia seeds will add an exciting twist to your presentation and waffle (or pancake) flavors. You could even use this idea for toppings on fruit alone.

waffle bar-bitty bowl-enamelware_CG Sculpture Jewelry.jpg

Of course you can use any little bowls to bring these ideas to life but I’m a little biased…

Bitty Bowls make the prettiest additions and elevate your table setting!

Handmade, high quality artist made bowls provide more satisfaction and joy than cheap plastic or mass produced alternatives.

Bitty Bowls are a fun and useful way to add a pop of color to your kitchen and entertaining. They make fantastic gifts, especially for hostess gifts, weddings, and Christmas.

I make them in a variety of colorcombinations and also have many black and white one of a kind versions.

Shop the Bitty Bowl (and tiny spoon) Collections here


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