Travelling from sea to mountains with the help of a bronze bird in flight and silver sea star ring

bronze bird in flight on top of steel cube music box sculpture held by hand wearing silver sea star ring. Interior of music box has crystal landscape and fish out of water.

I’ve been thinking a lot about flight lately… all that it represents in both the literal (travel) and metaphorical (transition and evolution) sense of the word.

After spending some time backpacking and camping at the beach, my next nature fix brings mountains and forest. I always come away from time in the wilderness brimming with ideas. I’m excited to see what new work emerges (and I’ll be excited to have time in the studio soon to develop them!)

I love how this ring represents the sea, while this music box, titled Dream, represents the next adventure. So fitting that it plays the song Tomorrow!

If you want a reminder of your summer travels (or staycations), my jewelry collections inspire many fond memories of nature. And the Constructing Deconstruction music box series capture little stories with sight, touch, and sound.