How to layer delicate or unique necklaces to create a bold everyday fashion statement

woman with grey hair and style. Wearing purple t-shirt, gold, purple, and red gemstone necklace layered with gold, black silver, and grey pearl asymmetrical necklace

Wren is one of my best collectors. Which is super flattering considering her past career in costume and fashion design. This lady knows how to rock any outfit, but especially a t-shirt with accessories!

Wren has introduced me to the art of layering. She commonly wears several of my necklaces at once. She said wearing a bunch of fancy necklaces makes them feel more casual to her, so it’s easy to pull off with a simple outfit. She finds wearing a single piece makes her feel fancier (and she’s no stranger to a fancy date night out - you should see her amazing shoe collection!)

Woman in pink sweater with layered necklaces drinking tea. Great style with grey hair in a cute mid length cut wearing white shirt and sterling silver, pearl, and pod necklaces. 3 necklaces for a bold statement piece.

Wren’s picks…

A pearl or gemstone cluster piece is a staple, perfect for a creating a baseline at the neckline.

This angled pearl necklace is a must.

A pod necklace really makes the look special, adding an artistic one of a kind touch. The one Wren has is sold out but here are other pod variations.

Who’s ready to layer?!