Sea stacks and crazy rock formations at the beach (and my favorite black silver necklace to go with them)

Catherine wearing black silver split bar leaf necklace and sea star post earrings at Point of Arches on Shi Shi Beach in Washington State

As mentioned here and here, my recent trip to Shi Shi Beach on the Olympic Peninsula was fantastic! I highly recommend checking out this region if you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest.

The landscape is beautiful and dramatic and weird and delightful all at once. Here’s me in front of one of the many sea stacks at Point of Arches wearing my Split Bar Necklace and Siren Sea Star Earrings, both perfectly wearable for adventure travel and exploration by the sea.

Arched rock tunnel at Point of Arches on Shi Shi Beach at Washington coast

If you’re curious to know more about the volcano hiking trip that inspired the necklace I’m wearing, check out the post I wrote about that adventure.

Catherine wearing black silver split bar leaf necklace in front of rock formations teaming with ocean wildlife at Shi Shi Beach on Washington coast Olympic Peninsula

I couldn’t get enough of the crazy looking water worn rock formations sprouting from the ocean. Low tide allowed for hours and hours of exploring the rocks and critters and creatures that lived among them.

Dramatic rock formations and sea stacks at Shi Shi Beach, Point of Arches in Olympic Peninsula Washington

I’ll be sharing more about this stunning place in future posts so stay tuned.

If you want your own piece of nature inspired jewelry, here’s where you can get the necklace and earrings.