Daydreaming about upcoming beach holiday in nautical feeling jewelry

woman in blue striped shirt wearing silver and blue nautical feeling contemporary necklace and earrings while planning upcoming trip to the coast

As many of you know, being near water is my happy place, so I’m super excited to be heading to the coast for the long holiday weekend. To get in the mood while still at work, I’m wearing jewelry from my Siren Collection, works inspired by underwater sea creature drawings by 19th century biologist, Ernst Haeckel.

close up of silver and blue underwater flora and sea creature inspired necklace and earrings with nautical feel, perfect for beach vacation

Even though I’ve got a few more hours in front of the computer, I’m pretty sure by wearing this silver and blue apatite necklace, small silver circle earrings, and abstract starfish ring I’m conjuring up lots of exciting sea creature sightings in the days to come.

silver abstract starfish ring on middle finger. Oceanic themed jewelry worn to get excited about beach vacation while still at work and typing on computer keyboard.

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