Bring Pantone's summer color orange into your life without feeling like a beacon

I keep thinking about the color orange lately. It seems to be showing up everywhere I look. Living coral is Pantone’s color for the summer but I’ve noticed people are taking that and running with every variation from bright or burnt orange clothes to cantaloupe walls.

My wardrobe is primarily greys/green/blues/black with a splash of pink. I love my coral colored summer hoodie but otherwise I don’t feel like I can pull of wearing the color orange. I don’t like to stand out in a crowd.

Instead, I’m enjoying other ways of incorporating this cheery bright color into my life.

orange wall-necklace-bowl-flowers_CG Sculpture Jewelry.png

Accessories, especially jewelry, never fail in this department since it’s a great way to sneak in a little color without being overwhelming.

Accenting with a pop of color in your jewelry is a great way to get an orange fix without feeling too loud.

I’m also seeing orange in gardens everywhere I look. The poppies are off the charts this year!

Flowers are a fantastic way to enjoy bright colors in and outside our homes.

I also don’t think I’d like a bright orange wall in my house in the long run, instead I prefer a neutral overall palette. But…

A splash of orange on the table is a fantastic way to add an exciting pop of color, even in a tiny amount.

orange bowl for compote cheese plate_CG Sculpture Jewelry.jpg

The Bitty Bowl collection is an especially great way to get a small bit of color that packs a punch.


How do you feel about orange? What’s your favorite way to bring bright colors into your life?