First Inspiring Women Project Winner!

Congratulations to Wendy Woldenberg!!!


Each month one amazing inspiring woman will be chosen from a pool of nominated women to receive this jewelry award. The Inspiring Women Project is a celebration of the GOOD, the COMPASSIONATE, the COURAGEOUS, the INSPIRING.

Wendy is the March Inspiring Woman!
I'm kicking off this award with a personal choice. I nominated Wendy for many reasons, but most notably for her generosity towards others. A teacher for 22 years, she has spent countless hours (and her own money!) to ensure her students gain amazing experiences they would otherwise never have known. Outside the classroom she is dedicated to ensuring the jewelry industry works toward a greater good through her role in Ethical Metalsmiths and her own jewelry work. Wendy is a champion and patron of emerging (and established) artists, creating opportunities such as Art Under $100 and many other events through South Park Arts. She is a dedicated and generous friend who goes above and beyond and has taught me a new definition for brave. Thank you Wendy!

Do you know someone inspiring like Wendy? Nominate her here. The April winner will be chosen the second week of the month.