Art Under $100 and Equinox Very Open House

Last two holiday shows!

Come visit one (or both!) of these fun art parties. Both are in Georgetown. Both are the funnest alternative shopping experiences you will ever have.

This Saturday, December 8th 2018

Come to Art Under $100 in the afternoon, grab dinner at Ciudad or La Sirenito, then head over to Equinox for continued good times. You won’t be disappointed!

The 14th (and possibly last) annual Art Under $100 Holiday Sale.

The 14th (and possibly last) annual Art Under $100 Holiday Sale.

Art Under $100 is sure to please with affordable treasures, raffles to win great art prizes every 20 minutes, and fancypants cocktails for only $8 a pop.

I’ll have a selection of colorful Bitty Bowls and last chance discounted jewelry.

Free entry 2-8:00pm


Equinox is an explosion of handmade art to buy, art to experience, blue lights, and general mayhem.

My work will be at She-Metal, studio of the esteemed, Sheryl Andrist and Dylan.

Living Room Building - 502 S River St, Seattle WA 98108 - 6-10:00pm

I’ll have a selection of new one of a kind jewelry, colorful Bitty Bowls, and my new collection of hand drawn one of a kind graphite bowls.

Free and open to the public