The results are in!

Last week I posted a grid of color combinations on Facebook and Instagram and asked people to let me know their favorites. I've been wanting to make more Bitty Bowls to have available for sale on my website but knew I had to limit the selection. Although it's fun to have a bazillion choices for people in person, it'd be impossible for me to keep that many in stock (not to mention how overwhelming it'd be online). So I posted this picture in hopes of receiving feedback and understanding what colors people like best.

CG-grisez-color grid-color combo

The responses were overwhelming! There was a clear winner but many of the others followed closely behind.

CG-Grisez-bitty bowl-orange-aqua

I love this orange/aqua combination and apparently so do many other people! That contrast seems to pull out love in most.

Now to narrow down the other choices to come up with a few more color combinations. It's a harrowing task! What do you think the other 2 color choices should be?