Your radishes, made better with butter

Have you ever had radishes with butter and salt? Neither had I, until working with two powerhouse ladies on a photoshoot using my Bitty Bowls in the kitchen. Carol Clifford from Orange House Press (also a fantastic chef) and Sarah Flotard, an incredible food photographer turned me on to this interesting and tasty treat.


This dish is most commonly found in France, though I also read stories of people from other countries who had it as kids so I'm not sure of it's exact origin. From what I can tell in reading through lots of recipes for it, you must trust your own palate - pick a salt and butter that you really love and have it on fresh crisp radishes. 

I think Gabrielle Hamilton, chef and author, sums it up best in her article in the New York Times about this delicious dish - "The peppery, fiery radishes are tamed by the swipe through the cool, creamy butter, and then the flavors of both are brought out by the salt. The radishes are so cold and crunchy and spicy, and they have a mildly sulfuric note. The butter is unexpectedly sweet in contrast. It’s addictive."

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this dish! Comment below if you have a fond memory with this food or you're trying it for the first time and let me know what you think. And if you want unique dishes for your butter and salt to make the presentation extra special, check out my Bitty Bowls. Who's adding this to their Thanksgiving table?!